5 Rare Wild Big Cat Species That You Haven?t Seen or Heard About

The Pallas cat is a small wild cat located in central Asia. It is named after a German Naturalist Peter Simon Pallas who first accounted the species in 1776.

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The caracal is a medium-sized wild cat found in Africa, Central Asia, Middle East and India. Caracals are mostly active at night and are very secretive and difficult to observe or study. Caracals have been tamed and used for hunting in ancient Egypt.


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The Serval is a wild cat found in Africa. The cat is active through the day and as well as at night. Servals are extremely solitary with minimal social interaction.

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Canadian Lynx

The Canadian Lynx belongs to the cat family Felidae, to which lions and tigers associate themselves. This big cat is found in Alaska, some northern parts of United States and ranges across Canada.


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The Ocelot, also known as the dwarf leopard, is a wild cat located majorly in South America. During a certain period its fur was considered very valuable, as a result thousands of Ocelots were killed. The Ocelot was listed as vulnerable through 1972 to 1996.


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