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  • Maharashtra, India
    Maharashtra has tremendous wealth in the form of tourist places - numerous caves, attractive hill stations, virgin beaches, revered holy places and a diverse wildlife.
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  • Harold Lloyd - Hide & Seek

    Where will you hide when you get scared? Watch this funny scene from Harold Lloyd's movie Haunted Spooks (1920).

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  • Amazon Echo

    Amazon labs is working hard in the field of automation using artificial intelligence and Internet of Things. The company always keeps an eye on Kickstarter projects to acquire and make them an Amazon product. The complete new series of LG smart home appliances are supported by Amazon Echo. In fact, Echo is more efficient than Google Home as per many tech reviewers and the best part about it is the compatibility with other devices and brands. 

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  • Cristiano Ronaldo & Neymar Jr.

    On February 5th, two of the most recognisable footballers of the modern era Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal and Neymar Jr. of Brazil are celebrating their birthday.

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  • Playful Dog

    Dogs are the most loyal and loving friends you'll ever find! When these furry four-legged cuties aren't snuggling with their owners, they love to run around and play. Whether it's a ball, a stick or even your favourite shoe, they'll be sure to catch it all!

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