Adventure Special - Skiing, Soccer, Bike, Swirl and Jumps
  • Angad Patel
    BC Lines Skiing

    An incredibly fast surface avalanche comes chasing down as this guys is skiing on a steep slope. It's mesmirizing and scary at the same time!

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  • Mamata Dighe
    Hand Swirl

    MoStef is globally renowned as an artist who can execute stunts with ease and style. See his breathtakingly unique performances to be amazed.

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  • Riding a Highline on a Bike

    Belgian Red Bull athlete Kenny Belaey rides a slackline in the French Alps. He really is a true daredevil!

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  • Mamata Dighe
    Wingsuit Jump

    If you're afraid of heights, then this video will scare you! Watch this spectacular wingsuit jump from astonishing heights that will leave you speechless.

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  • Bianca White
    Best Soccer Shots

    Scoring a goal every time even in the most difficult situations takes a lot of practice. Enjoy watching these never seen incredible soccer shots!

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