Things to Do in Puerto Rico
  • Priyanka Kole
    Puerto Rico
    A drone hovering over Puerto Rico shows the true beauty of the Caribbean island. The land is rich in mountains, water and tropical rainforests, making Puerto Rico, a magnificent and unique place.
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  • Priyanka Kole
    Vega Baja, Puerto Rico
    The amazing beach at Playa Puerto Nuevo in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico. A large natural rock formation colloquially known as shelters the beach from the open seas. During rough marine conditions, huge waves from the North Atlantic Ocean smash against the rocky barrier, cascading down the rock face and delighting beachgoers
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  • Top 5 Attractions, Puerto Rico
    Puerto Rico is synonymous with great beaches, historic cemetery, twenty eight thousand acres of lush and diverse forest and impressive towers, berrics and tunnels and colourful streets.
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