5 Romantic Places in the World that should be on every Couples List
  • Maldives
    This is definitely Paradise at sea level, so no need to visit cloud 9, Visit Maldives. Serene blue waters, coupled with fresh ocean air and calm of the water.
  • Priyanka Kole
    Paris, France
    Old architecture, with modern contemporary design, food, culture and wine. With art all around you. Most importantly do not forget the language itself. The language filled with emotions French.
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  • Venice, Italy
    Italy is pure art all around and art is romantic. Especially when it comes to Venice. The place where Da Vinci resided. Renaissance began, Lapis Lazuli a deep blue stone, of the color of the ocean was brought by trade and hence blue began being used in art. And a ride on Gondolas.
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  • Priyanka Kole
    Tenerife, Spain
    A volcanic island, very vibrant, golden sand and amazing Spanish culture. The colors, the food, the sun shine and the entire mood of the island is picturesque. Also a lot to explore as its a world heritage site, with a great bunch of history.
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  • Priyanka Kole
    Oia Santorini,Greece
    This one is made famous by movies, books and what not. This relaxed, sleepy, moody town is a perfect get away for couples who want to talk their hearts out and do nothing in particular, just sit, gaze, talk and drink some wine.
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