Tom and Jerry
  • Jerry Helps the Baby Duck
    Watch Tom's tricks to catch the duckling and Jerry's efforts to save him from Tom.
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  • Nilesh Patil
    Tom Goes for Hunting
    It's a hunting day of Tom. He fires several shots at a flock of wild ducks and shoots a duckling in the wing. But as usual, Jerry is there to help the duckling.
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  • Mrunal Patil
    Jumbo Comes to Tom's Home
    A baby elephant named Jumbo falls off from the passing train and rolls into Tom's basket; Watch what fun happens after that.
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  • Nilesh Patil
    Mammy Throws Tom Out of the House
    Tom is trying everything to stay awake but Jerry is not leaving a single chance to make things difficult for him.
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  • Mohsin Khan
    Tom and Jerry's Plan Against Lightning
    Tom and Jerry together decide to get rid of the new cat (Lightning), hence they make a plan to remove him from the house.
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  • Meera Singh
    Jerry Fools Tom
    Jerry is so good at taking advantage of Tom. See how he fools him in this second part of the movie ''That's My Pup!'' (1953).
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