Funny Moments in Cricket
  • Crowd Mimicking Player
    In middle of England vs Australia match, England Player Ronnie Irani start doing warm up to bowl next over. Suddenly crowd behind him started imitating him
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  • Billy Bowden shows Red card to Glenn McGrath

    In what could be one of the funniest moments in cricket, Billy Bowden once showed a red card to Australian great Glenn McGrath for bowling an underarm delivery in a T20I match.

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  • Inzamam-ul-Haq's Funny Hit Wicket

    Inzamam always finds the most comical and unusual ways to get dismissed, be it his bizarre run-outs or handling the ball incidents! This is one such funny dismissal against Monty Panesar of England.

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  • Mark Richardson Cramp

    Mark Richardson goes for a sweep, yells out in pain, and suffers a huge cramp. This happened in a test match against India and the reaction to it is something you would not have expected!

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  • Bees Disrupt Cricket Match

    The umpire, who seemed experienced with bee-attack, lay down on the floor to avoid the bees, and the players replicated his example. The play was suspended until the match could be resumed.

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