Funny Puneri Patya
  • Nilesh Patil
    Puneri Zhanka
    Watch the famous and sarcastic messages of Pune.
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  • Nilesh Patil
    Khavat Punekar
    Take a look at Punekar's straightforward way of giving instructions.
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  • Nilesh Patil
    Crazy Puneri Patya
    We bring you some witty warnings for lovely couples.
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  • Puneri Grahak
    Few Puneri Patya especially for obedient customers.
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  • Puneri Ishara
    Puneri Pati outside famous Chitale Bandhu sweets mart.
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  • Arjun Jadhav
    Puneri Patta
    Punekars have a unique way of giving directions. Here are few patya.
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