Top Five Fitness Trackers to Help you Stay Fit
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    Garmin vvoactive HR
    The best part about the Garmin vvoactive HR is it comes with a lot of inbuilt activity and you can even add more or customize according to your preferences. Again it is a GPS enabled device which makes it costly but still cheaper than Garmin's Fenix watch. It also has some smartwatch features which make it almost same as Fenix Jr. I also loved the fact that it has the best battery life of 6 days though company claims 8 days but with GPS enabled all the time it can make it to 5 days.
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  • Meera Singh
    Fitbit Charge 2
    Fitbit Charge 2 is the most powerful tracker with great software, interaction with user and gamification concepts. Fitbit maximizes workouts, automatically tracks all-day activity, exercise and sleep.\xa0The best feature is, it makes the most of your routine with smartphone notifications, reminders to move and personalized guided breathing sessions. Other features like a call, messages, reminders can be done using the big screen.
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    Samsung Gear Fit 2
    I enjoyed the fact that there are several modes that are automated, for example you don't need to switch from run to cycling or sleep mode. Well, that's the beauty of machine learning, it analyses your habits and schedules and works towards it to help you get fit. It comes with 1.5 inches curved super AMOLED display which can show you stats and you can control the functionality through it. Compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Best in design and tough as hell.
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  • Nisha Kapur
    Microsoft Band 2
    I find it to be a very cool looking tracker which is full of features, as compared to its first version which terribly failed in the market. Well, I like to explore so I tried Band 2, as it's a Windows based tracker. It comes with a curved display which is more comfortable to wear. The best part is it's not only compatible with iOS and Android but also with third party Apps. They also have their app but I personally like their desktop App.
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