How to be a Superhuman?
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    Extreme Martial Arts
    What marvels me here is, not that they can do all this. However the fact that they have put in the time investment required and have developed such precision moves. I have seen people break stuff with the same moves, its not just a show folks.
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    Capoeira is a Brazilian martial arts, developed by slaves. The amazing part about this one is that its practiced with music. Loved by women and men alike and the bouts are mere imitations of fighting and looks like they are dancing, so that the masters do not know they are prepared to strike.
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  • Meera Singh
    Now Frank Medrano here, is one of the very best and his prowess in calisthenics is second to none. Calisthenics training is basically body-weight exercises, however there are tons of advance moves and routines.
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