Home Automation is the Future
  • Google Home

    Google home is a product from the series 'Made by Google'. Google Home includes home automation as a feature, enabling owners to use it to control devices as a central hub. Google has partnered with Nest, SmartThings, Philips Hue, and IFTTT for smart home device control with the Google Home device. These technologies sound a lot like 'Jarvis' from Ironman! Just say "okay Google" and ask questions, give commands or search.

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  • LG's Hub Robot

    Last year LG came out with smart thinQ and Amazon Dash which made a good impact on smart automation, but this year it's more than smart with Hub Robot also called as Hub Bot. It features a circular "face" with a screen displaying eyes perched atop a softly conical white body. It can re-orient itself to face the user and bob along with music as well! The screen can also display images and videos and it is compatible with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to make home automation compatible with almost every device.

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  • Canary

    People at Canary want to make the world a safer place by giving customers the information they need to make smart and wise decisions when something is wrong and helping them feel connected when everything is right.
    They focus on four main principles.
    1. Faster response from the authorities.
    2. Automatic mode switching.
    3. High-quality video, day or night.
    4. Privacy you can trust.

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  • Knocki

    This is even more futuristic and different from other devices. If you feel lazy to talk, just knock! With the help of Knocki you can change any surface (we mean literally any surface!) into a remote which controls your home. Decide the knocking patterns you like, and there is also a default setting for a demo to make it familiar. The best thing is that it is a language free and noise free device, so get ready to show off some magical moves to your friends by just knocking!

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  • Amazon Echo

    Amazon labs is working hard in the field of automation using artificial intelligence and Internet of Things. The company always keeps an eye on Kickstarter projects to acquire and make them an Amazon product. The complete new series of LG smart home appliances are supported by Amazon Echo. In fact, Echo is more efficient than Google Home as per many tech reviewers and the best part about it is the compatibility with other devices and brands. 

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