5 Ways to Get Fit Easily
  • Sleep And Wake Up On Time
    When we sleep we re-energize, revitalize and repair our body and mind. Sleeping and waking up on a specific time leads to better memory, weight loss or weight gain, and a positive mood throughout the day!
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  • Run For 20 Minutes 2 Days A Week
    Running just 2 days a week for 20 minutes each is actually more than enough to stay healthy and get fit. The important part here is to stick to this routine every week, as it can help in achieving your goal. Research suggests that overdoing cardio does not mean there will be more fat burn and just maintaining a constant routine is more important.
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  • Do Body Weight Exercises
    Push ups, pull ups, and squats are all you really need to get insanely fit and strong! These are full body compound movements and again aid both in loosing fat and gaining weight, that too muscle weight and not fat weight. Start with 10 repetitions each day, then take it to 30. As your strength keeps growing and fitness improves, you will see the results yourself.
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  • Eat At Regular Intervals
    Eating food at the same time everyday at regular intervals primes your body to get hungry only during those hours, and helps metabolism and digestion. With improved energy levels, you won't feel lethargic or dull through the day as your meals are evenly spaced out, and your system has time to digest and utilize it all properly.
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