Super Dads
  • Baby Exercising With Dad
    When you're a new dad, it becomes hard to fit in a good workout. But you'd be surprised as to how many exercises you can perform using only your kiddo.
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  • Father & Son Parkour
    Some sons and fathers fish together, some playing catch, some playing video games. Ronnie Shalvis and his dad, they do parkour together. Inspirational!
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  • Daddy Dance Party
    It's never too early to be a good role model for your babies and it's great to see these daddies are paving the way for future dance parties and fun with their kids!
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  • Dad Taking 4 Year Old Son for A Ride
    If you're a biker, there's always going to be a bit of you that wants your kids to love riding as much as you do. Watch how this dad rides mountain bikes with his 4 year old son on local mountain trails.
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  • Super Dads
    One father is more than a hundred school mates.
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