Donald Duck
  • Pete Chases to Donald Duck
    Donald Duck and angry Pete lead onto a railroad track and they begin chase on flatcars in the movie ''Timber'' (1941).
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  • Donald Duck Fails to Catch Pluto
    Donald Duck is trying every trick to lure Pluto so that he can easily catch him and try out his Modern Dog Washer.
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  • Chipmunks Ruins Donald Duck's Vacation
    While Donald Duck is taking a nap at his camp, some chipmunks are using this as an opportunity to steal his food, and begin carrying it off.
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  • Donald Duck - Goes On a Vacation
    Donald Duck takes a vacation in a canoe. When he tries to open a folding chair with an umbrella, he gets into trouble.
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  • Donald Duck's Modern Dog Washer
    Donald Duck builds an automated dog washer for Pluto. But looks like Pluto is not so excited about it.
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  • Donald Duck - Can't Be Rich
    After a hard struggle, Donald Duck finally gets the basket of eggs. But his dream of becoming rich is not going to be complete.
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