Tom and Jerry - Puss n' Toots (1942)
Puss n Toots is a 1942 one-reel animated cartoon and is the 6th Tom and Jerry short. In this clip, Tom is dressing himself up before proudly walking over to a cute female cat Toots.
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Mammy Two Shoes answers the door to receive a cute female cat to take care of temporarily, named Toots. Toots instantly wins Tom's heart in the movie Puss n' Toots.
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Tom proudly walking over to a cute female cat Toots. She smiles at him but refuses his offers of a goldfish and a canary.\xa0Puss n Toots was animated by Pete Burness, George Gordon, Jack Zander, Irven Spence, and Bill Littlejohn.
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Tom stuffs Jerry into a handkerchief, throws it into the air and opens it to Toots to make it seem like Jerry has disappeared, though he is sitting on top of Jerry.\xa0The name of the short is an allusion to the fairy tale Puss n Toots.
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