The Three Stooges - Self-Made Maids (1950)
  • Rajeev Kapur
    Inspire Your Heart With Art Day - 31st Jan
    The Day is created as to celebrate all forms of art and the effect it has on your heart. See how the Three Stooges are pouring their heart into the making of their wives painting.
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  • Rahul Mehra
    The Three Stooges - Larry Breaks the Statue

    Watch The Three Stooges in Self-Made Maids (1950) as Larry breaks the statues head, which led into a hilarious fight among them! Moe, Larry, and Curly, called the Three Stooges were best known for their numerous Columbia short subject films and their hallmark acts of physical farce and slapstick.


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  • Ranveer Kumar
    The Three Stooges - Self-Made Maids (1950) - Father Shoots Them

    Self-Made Maids is one of two Stooge films that does not have a supporting cast, the other being 1958's Oil's Well That Ends Well. The boys all play themselves, a second character in drag, and their children.

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  • Ashutosh Rasal

    The Three Stooges began in 1928 as part of a raucous vaudeville act called Ted Healy and His Stooges also known as ''Ted Healy and His Southern Gentlemen''.

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  • Bryan Thomas
    The Three Stooges Fools Girls Father
    The Stooges are trying to fool girl's father by putting shoes below the window so the father got fooled.
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