Oliver Norvell Hardy aka ''Babe''
  • Ranveer Kumar
    Got me into another mess

    The introduction of sound also gave rise to Hardy's famously misquoted catchphrase, usually directed toward Stan Laurel: "Here's another nice mess you've gotten me into!" which was in fact only uttered 15 times in their 106 films.

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  • Ranveer Kumar
    Did you Know?

    > Stan Laurel called him ‘’Babe”
    > He was originally destined for a military career, but landed as a comedian actor.
    > After burning his arm (while cooking roast lamb), he was prevented temporarily from working in one of Roach's films.
    > Oliver Hardy was a champion golfer and betted on the horses.
    > Had appeared in over 400 movies.

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  • Arjun Jadhav
    Oliver Hardy Biography

    Born: Norvell Hardy Jr. known as Babe Hardy on January 18, 1892 in Harlem, Georgia, USA. Education: Dropped out of boarding school to become a singer with a local theatrical group. Married: Oliver married script girl Virginia Lucille Jones in 1940. He was previously married two other times. Career: Worked as an actor and co-director of comedy shorts for Larry Semon. 1926—Laurel and Hardy brought together as a team by Hal Roach. Died: On August 7, 1957 In North Hollywood, California.

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  • Bryan Thomas
    Oliver Hardy's Shipboard Interview (1950)

    Oliver Hardy is interviewed as he is about to leave the US to film Atoll K with Stan Laurel. He says that Stan Laurel & he have been together for 23 years and that they are still friends. Stan Laurel always called him ''Babe''. Before teaming up as Laurel & Hardy he worked as an actor and co-director of comedy shorts for Larry Semon.

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  • Ranveer Kumar
    Tribute to Oliver Hardy
    Laurel and Hardy officially became a team in 1927. Laurel and Hardy filmed much of their material in three languages. Their song, Trail of the Lonesome Pine, from the film Way Out West, reached no. 2 in the UK charts in 1975. In 1932, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy won an Oscar for their 30-minute movie The Music Box.
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