Laurel and Hardy - County Hospital (1932)
  • Ranveer Kumar
    Laurel & Hardy - County Hospital (1932) - Wrong Leg Pant

    Hardy needs to wear his pants, but they wouldn't fit over the plaster on his leg. To solve the problem, Laurel cuts one leg of the trouser, ruining them completely!

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  • Rajeev Kapur
    Laurel & Hardy - County Hospital (1932) - Hospital Mess

    Laurel wreaks havoc on both his friend, getting Hardy strung up from the ceiling by his cast-encased leg, as well as the doctor, who winds up dangling out the window.

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  • Ashutosh Rasal

    Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy were accomplished actors before teaming up. Laurel had appeared in over 50 films while Hardy had been in more than 250 productions.

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  • Bryan Thomas
    Laurel & Hardy - Helping Hardy
    Hardy's leg makes it difficult to get into the car as they are leaving the hospital. Getting Hardy into the car becomes a tough ordeal for Laurel as Hardy falls into the backseat!
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  • Ranveer Kumar
    Helpful Laurel
    Laurel tries to help out as he tries putting Hardy's pants on his plastered leg, but just can't figure how!
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