How Comedians Make Tuxedo's Work
Tom & Jerry - The Zoot Cat (1944) - Tom in Suit
In the 1990's Tom & Jerry was reinvented, much like a lot of other kid shows. The new Tom and Jerry series acted as a sort of a series and focused on the early years.
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Buster Keaton - Day Dreams (1922) - Fooling Police

The first cop comes looking for Keaton, not noticing the Keatonesque store dummy. Both cops leave, and Keaton gets down. He puts on the pants with the wallet. The Keaton-chasing cop comes back and the owner asks for payment for the pants. Keaton finds the wallet and pays. The cop, not recognizing him, shakes his hand, but Keaton leaves.

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The Three Stooges - Fight Using Coat

The Three Stooges were always well dressed in suits for their movies. This scene from Slaphappy Sleuths (1950) starring Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Shemp Howard shows them making use of an overcoat to trap and hit somebody!

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Charlie Chaplin - Wearing Tuxedo

Charlie Chaplin’s costume as ''the Tramp'' is a bundle of contradictions: the jacket is buttoned too tightly, the trousers are too baggy, the bowler hat too small and the size 14 shoes much too big, as well as being worn on the wrong feet. These disparate elements have been combined to help define his screen personality and its place in the world, including his social pretensions.

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Harold Lloyd

For an evening out to the opera, getting married, dancing at a formal ball, or attending a lavish dinner party meant it was time for men to dress in their finest. 1920’s  men’s formal wear kept the traditional top hat and tailcoat as well as added a option for a dinner jacket called a Tuxedo coat today.

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