How Comedians Celebrate their Valentine's Day
  • Bryan Thomas
    Buster Keaton - Day Dreams (1922)
    Do not forget to take flowers for your date on valentine's date. No problem even if you forget. Use this trick that Buster applies for his date.
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  • Ashutosh Rasal
    Larry Semon - The Show (1922)
    Be careful when giving flowers to your love. Do a quick check 
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  • Rajeev Kapur
    Harold Llyod - Speedy (1928)
    How to get a seat in a crowded train for your valentine? Watch tricks invented by Harold on the way with his date.
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  • Ashutosh Rasal
    Charlie Chaplin - Modern Times (1936)
    Charlie assures that his date is happy. He advises her to smile and they happily begin their journey together.
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