Harold Lloyd - Haunted Spooks (1920)
After numerous failed attempts to commit suicide, our hero Harold Lloyd runs into a lawyer who is looking for a stooge to stand in as a groom in order to secure an inheritance for his client (Davis). The inheritance is a house, which her scheming uncle "haunts" so that he can scare them off and claim the property.
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In this movie a series of people appear in white sheets and covered in flour until the prank is uncovered. In a more unusual prank a pair of trousers walk on their own, having a little black boy inside.
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Crooked Uncle tries to make Harold Lloyd believe that the house is haunted and frighten them out. And then the estate will be his.
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In the movie Haunted Spooks when Harold and his wife reach the mansion, the uncle plays a series of tricks to make the house appear haunted.
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