Harold Lloyd - Among Those Present (1921)
  • Ranveer Kumar
    Among Those Present (1921) is a short comedy film starring Harold Lloyd and Mildred Davis. In the movie, an ambitious coat-room checker impersonates an English nobleman.
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  • Rajeev Kapur
    When Lord Abernathy is unavailable, they convince an ambitious young man (Lloyd) to impersonate him, so that they can proceed with their scheme.
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  • Arjun Jadhav
    Harold Lloyd is thrown somewhere on the estate and then has several encounters with animals: a hawk, a cow he ends up riding, a goat who butts him, a goose who bites him, and a dog who chases him.
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  • Bryan Thomas
    The following day’s hunt sees Harold Lloyd lose his horse and his trousers, which remains as funny today as it was then!
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