Donald Duck - No Sail (1945)
Donald Duck - No Sail (1945) - Get Me Down

From 1942 to 1944, Walt Disney released 6 short films depicting Donald Duck's life in the US Army. This series of films came to be known as the Army shorts. Cartoons in the series include Donald Gets Drafted (1942), The Vanishing Private (1942), Sky Trooper (1942), Fall Out Fall In (1943), The Old Army Game (1943), and Commando Duck (1944).

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Donald Duck - No Sail (1945) - Crane Eats the Fish

Donald and Goofy are stuck on a boat with nothing to eat. When a fish falls into their boat, they both start fighting over whose fish it is, without realizing that a crane above them is about to eat it first instead!

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Donald Duck has appeared in more films than any other Disney character, and is the most published comic book character in the world outside of the superhero genre.

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Donald Duck - No Sail (1945) - Hitting the Crane

He lost his temper for the first time on August 11, 1934 when he appeared in the Mickey Mouse cartoon Orphan's Benefit. Donald Duck is one of several characters helping to put on a show for several orphans. Donald tries to recite Little Boy Blue, but ends up throwing tantrums when the orphans keep heckling him. Donald was an immediate hit with audiences who loved his fiery temper.

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Donald Duck - No Sail (1945) - Scared of Sharks

His middle name is Fauntleroy (first revealed in the 1942 film Donald Gets Drafted), and he is reportedly the only major Disney character with an official middle name. He has a twin sister named Dumbella. In the late Thirties, Donald was joined by his perennial girlfriend, Daisy Duck, and by his 3 mischievous nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

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