Charlie Chaplin - The Floorwalker (1916)
  • Pratik Bhaleroa
    Charlie Chaplin - The Floorwalker (1916) - Trying to Steal
    Chaplin's inspiration for the film came while he and his brother Sydney were in New York City negotiating his contract with Mutual.
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  • Rahul Mehra
    Charlie Chaplin - The Floorwalker (1916) - Testing Products

    The Floorwalker is a 1916 American silent comedy film, Charlie Chaplin's first Mutual Film Corporation film. The film stars Chaplin, in his traditional Tramp persona, as a customer who creates chaos in a department store and becomes inadvertently entangled in a nefarious scheme.

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  • Ashutosh Rasal
    Charlie Chaplin - The Floorwalker (1916) - Catching to Charlie

    In 1932, Amedee Van Beuren of Van Beuren Studios, purchased Chaplin's Mutual comedies for $10,000 each, added music by Gene Rodemich and Winston Sharples and sound effects, and re-released them through RKO Radio Pictures.

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  • Bryan Thomas
    Charlie Chaplin - The Floorwalker (1916) - Who's Real One

    This is the famous mirror-twin scene, in which Charlie and the store's floorwalker, played by Lloyd Bacon, stumble into an office through opposite doors and find their likeness and mannerisms to be almost identical as they mirror each other’s movements.

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  • Rajeev Kapur

    Chaplin became equally famous for his life off-screen. His affairs with actresses who had roles in his movies were numerous. Some, however, ended better than others.

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