Charlie Chaplin - The Count (1916)
The Count film was Charlie Chaplin's largest production up to that time, with three substantial sets (the tailor's shop, the kitchen, and Miss Moneybags' home).
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This was Chaplin's way of highlighting the iniquities in early 20th century American society as he saw it as something of an outsider. His terrible table manners (especially in his eating of a huge slice of watermelon).
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Charlie initially attempting to woo the cook in the face of competition from the forces of law and order. The pair of tailors encounter one another, they find themselves in competition for the attentions of 'Miss Moneybags'.
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The Count is Charlie Chaplin's fifth film for Mutual Film Corporation in 1916. Released on September 4, it co-starred Eric Campbell and Edna Purviance.
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