Charlie Chaplin - His New Job (1915)
  • Ashutosh Rasal
    Charlie Chaplin is told to don an extra's military costume for the Russian melodrama being filmed, but instead he goes into the star's dressing room and steals his costume!
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  • Ranveer Kumar
    His New Job was Charlie Chaplin's first pairing with cross-eyed comedian Ben Turpin and features an early appearance by Gloria Swanson as a secretary.
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  • Rajeev Kapur
    His New Job is a 1915 American short silent comedy film written and directed by, as well as starring Charlie Chaplin. It was also the only film Chaplin shot at Essanay's Chicago studio.
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  • Rajeev Kapur
    Charlie as a Carpenter
    Charlie Chaplin is hired as a prop man and is soon demoted to a carpenter's assistant at the Lockstone studio before given the chance to act, which ends in disaster.
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