Charlie Chaplin - City Lights (1931)
Japanese firm gives non-smokers extra 6 days per year holiday to compensate for cigarette breaks.
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Charlie Chaplin Funny Boxing
Watch and enjoy Charlie Chaplin's one of the funniest boxing fight scenes from his personal favorite film ''City Lights'' (1931).
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Charlie Chaplin - City Lights (1931) - Soap Sandwich

The crusty fellow puts the soap in a sandwich, takes a mouthful, and lets out a bellow.

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Charlie Chaplin - City Lights (1931) - Eating Ribbon

In 2008, this film was voted no. 1 on AFI's list over the ten best romantic comedies of all time.

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Chaplin went on to become a director, making films such as City Lights and Modern Times, and co-founded the United Artists Corporation.

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