Buster Keaton - The Love Nest (1923)
Buster Keaton - The Love Nest (1923) - Fishing with a Gun

Buster decides to do a little fishing on the ship, but not in the usual way! Instead of using a fishing rod, he shoots the fish underwater, successfully catching it and bringing it back on the deck. 

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Buster Keaton - The Love Nest (1923) - Serving Coffee
Buster goes below deck for coffee where the steward Buster tries hard to not spill it, but eventually accidentally pours the hot coffee on Roberts.
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Buster Keaton - The Love Nest (1923) - The Sweeper

Roberts orders Keaton to sweep the deck. When he finishes, he tosses the bucket of water below, soaking Roberts. Luckily, another crew member grabs the bucket from Keaton, and Roberts mistakenly throws him off!

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Buster Keaton - The Love Nest (1923) - All Hands on Deck

On seeing a whale near the ship, Roberts calls for all hands on deck, so Keaton places his palms on the floor taking it literally. The rest of the crew go to the harpoon gun, while Roberts steps on his hand, but Keaton continues to follow orders.

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Buster was called ''The Great Stone Face'' because in his earlier movie he would sometimes smile but in his later work he wouldn't. Some people would even claim that he could smile or laugh.

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