Buster Keaton - The High Sign (1921)
Buster Keaton at an amusement park finds himself both the bodyguard and hit man of a man targeted by a criminal gang.
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The film begins with Buster Keaton getting thrown off of a train. Quick to land on his feet, he steals a newspaper which unfolds to the size of a bed sheet and finds a help wanted ad for an expert shot at a shooting gallery. 
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Buster Keaton rigged the gallery bell using string, a dog, and a bone to ring whenever he presses a lever. When Tim returns, he passes his employment test and August, impressed with Keaton's abilities, asks him to be his body guard.
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Buster Keaton replaces a distracted cop's gun with a banana and heads to the beach for some target practice. Unable to hit anything he aims at but never failing to hit something, including Al St. John in a cameo, he drops the gun and goes to the gallery.
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