Buster Keaton - The Goat (1921)
  • Rahul Mehra
    Buster Keaton's 'The Goat' Movie Released - 18th May 1921
    Buster Keaton is hungry and waiting in the queue where free breads are given. But looks like his turn is never going to come. See why!
    KEATON Comedy
  • Arjun Jadhav
    Buster Keaton - Evading Police
    We have seen many classic comedians evading the police. But the way Buster Keaton evades the police is so hilarious. Watch him in the movie ''The Goat'' (1921).
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  • Bryan Thomas
    Buster Keaton - Buster in Train

    The Goat is a two-reel study in deception and transformation, in the gap between reality and what gets filmed in the place of reality. They say the camera never lies, but in Buster's world this isn't so. This camera did lie, and it's lie sparks the creation of an alternate universe where innocent Buster is a wanted murderer haunted by his victim--ironically, the theme of a man wrongly accused of a monstrous crime would be Roscoe Arbuckle's real-life fate within the year.

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  • Ashutosh Rasal
    Buster Keaton - Chase Between Elevator
    Buster is once again in the wrong place at the wrong time when the police chief on his patrol is ambushed by a gangster.
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  • Rahul Mehra

    Most of Keaton's films were made without a script. Buster Keaton once said in an interview ''Two or three writers and I would start with an idea, and then we would work out a strong finish, and let the middle take care of itself as we went along, as it always does''.

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