Charlie Chaplin
  • Bryan Thomas
    Charlie Chaplin's The Circus Released - 6th Jan 1928
    For this scene with the lion, he made some 200 takes, in many of which he was actually inside the lion's cage. His looks of fear are not all merely acting.
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  • Charlie Chaplin - At the Signal
    Charlie is a proud owner of the Model-T Ford, and is going on a vacation with his family. At the signal he is warned by the traffic police as he breaks the signal very often.
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  • Kudos- Fascinating World of Fashion
    A Shop of unique and exquisite Apparel and Accessories' collection for Kids and Women at Laxmi Road, Pune.
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  • Nikita Shrirame
    Charlie Chaplin - Working for Dinner
    Watch as Charlie Chaplin is working so hard to buy his new year's dinner.
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  • Pratik Bhaleroa
    Charlie Staring at Statue
    Only Charlie Chaplin can do such kind of comedy! Watch and enjoy this hilarious scene from his one of the top 10 movies ''City Lights'' (1931).
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  • Gandhavedh
    ''Gandhavedh The Essences'' are deeply inspired to revive the age old convention of using Indian fragrances as a natural perfume throughout India.
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