Magic : David Blaine, Criss Angel
David Blaine Magic
David Blaine is an American magician, illusionist and endurance artist. He is best known for his high-profile feats of endurance, and has set and broken several world records!
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David Blaine: Frog Trick

David Blaine makes frogs appear from his mouth out of nowhere! Drake, Stephen Curry, and Dave Chappelle lose it when he does this trick!

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Criss Angel Makes A Girl Levitate

Levitation style tricks are one of the most impressive types of magic that can be performed. From Alaska to Australia, it seems that the illusion of a person or objects floating and being able to defy gravity never ceases to amaze people!

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Criss Gets A Little Dirty

Criss goes all out in this illusion. He tells a guy to climb into a trash can, and within seconds makes him appear high on the hotel's balcony!

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Magic is one of the oldest performing arts in the world in which audiences are entertained by staged tricks or illusions of seemingly impossible or supernatural feats using natural means.

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