Magic of Tango
  • Antonioa Banderas - Take the Lead
    A scene from the movie Take the Lead. In his role as Pierre Dulaine, Antonioa Banderas performs the Tango to show his reluctant students the passion and excitement that can be evoked by dance.
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  • Mauro Caiazza and Daniela Kizyma

    A tribute to talent, passion and devotion. Amazing and sensual performance by Mauro Caiazza and Daniela Kizyma.
    Tango sprung from the poor and underprivileged areas of the docklands of Buenos Aires. Like jazz, Tango started with the impoverished working class.
    The dance has its genesis in the middle of the 19th century in the south of Buenos Aires where the African and European immigrants would dance on the street and in the brothels. For this reason, Tango is a fusion of European, African and gaucho styles.

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  • Richard Gere - Shall we Dance

    A romantic comedy movie where a bored and overworked estate lawyer chances upon a beautiful woman and signs up for a ballroom dancing class.


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  • Al Pacino - Scent of a Woman

    Another beautiful scene of Tango from the movie ''Scent of a Woman'' starring Al Pacino where it illustrates an important fact expressed by a writer: tango is the dance of uneducated, unseeing instinct, its nexus is lust and its animation is sexual.

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  • Tango Dance

    Tango is a partner dance that originated in the 1880s along the River Plate, the natural border between Argentina and Uruguay, and soon spread to the rest of the world.

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