Art and Performance - Cirque, Criss Angel, Motorcyclists Act
  • Hand to Hand Art
    Cirque du Soleil has set a high standard for arts and performance on stage. Watch the amazingly flexible act performed in Zaia by the group.
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  • Joker's Portrait
    Vilas Nayak paints an enormous portrait of the Joker from Batman in just 2 mins 5 secs that too blindfolded!
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  • Signal Corp Motorcyclists Show

    Army motorcyclists performing breathtaking manoeuvres in New Delhi during the Republic Day Parade will leave you amazed!


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  • Airport Levitation

    Criss Angel is well known for his magic tricks that are very difficult to decipher. Watch him levitate on the airport's runway - Is it real?!

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  • It Takes Two to Tango

    Tango became popular due to a shortage of women in Argentina, and dancing was one of the ways for men to get close to women! Thus, Tango exudes passion, desperate longing and sexual innuendo. 

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