This one’s for you adrenaline junkies!
  • Bianca White
    Base Jumping
    What I think is that Skydiving is easier than base jumping. As with sky you dont have the perspective of height compared to anything else. However what makes base jumping so intense is the clear sense of altitude you have gained. You can be a super hero flying above the city for a min or so.
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  • Skydiving
    If you are one of those people that does not get a kick from everyday things, then you definitely drool over things like sky-diving. Just imagine the thrill and gush of adrenaline in your body if you sky dive like this with your best mates.
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  • Kamraan Khan
    Cliff Diving
    Wow! This is beautiful. Now come on you do have to agree, that there are way too many amazing things to do in life and either way less time or way less money.
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  • Bianca White
    Bungee Jumping
    Alright if you are new on the Adrenaline junky team, then my suggestion would be to start with bungee jumping. I am not new on the team however, I will also start with this one. You can give it a shot at this at our very own Rishikesh, Mohan Chatti.
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